Tiger King, Band, Carole Baskin, Joe Exotic, Husband

LISTEN: Tiger King Band Releases New 'Killer Carole' Song

The band behind Tiger King Joe Exotic's music career including his hits "Here Kitty Kitty" and "I Saw A Tiger" released a new song titled "Killer Carole" about Big Cat Rescue's husband Carole Baskin and his interesting disappearance.
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Newborn Baby, Outside, Face Mask, Husband, Wife

Husband Uses Face Mask to Cut Newborn's Umbilical Cord After Wife Gives Birth in Hospital Parking Lot

David Patrick had to quickly think on his feet after his wife, Sarah Rose Patrick, gave birth to their son just outside Louisville's Baptist Health Hospital a week before his due date.
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Miranda Lambert, Travel, Airstream, Trailer, Husband, Music, Creativity

Miranda Lambert is Ready to Hit the Road with New Airstream Trailer

Miranda Lambert and her husband Brendan are hitting the road in a brand new airstream trailer that they’ve named “The Sheriff” in order to find some creative inspiration and write music.
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Truck Driver, Meal, COVID-19, Treat, Husband, Wife

You Can Participate in the "Treat a Truck Driver" Initiative to Help Provide Meals to Truck Drivers

Two married truck drivers, Angie and Larry Baum, started the "Treat a Truck Driver" campaign to help provide meals to truck drivers that are continuing to work and deliver items every day.
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Bad Breath

How Do You Tell A Co-Worker That They Have Really Bad Breath?

Do you have someone you work with or know that has really bad breath? Stylz and Roman do! They're not really sure how to address it with this friend of theirs, so they turned to the US99 audience for some advice. They got everything from "offer him a breath mint" to just telling them, "Hey! You got...
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Valentine's Day

Will It Be A Good or Bad Valentine's Day For You?

Some people consider Valentine's Day a high holiday. Others think of it as nothing more than a Hallmark holiday. No matter what sid of the fence you fall on, it's either a good day or a bad day for you! In honor of that, Stylz and Roman let their listeners either brag or bag on their significant...
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When There Was Some Assembly Required...

Ever buy something from Ikea and then have the hardest time trying to put it together? It happens to all of us, including celebs like Jason Aldean. He has a new baby and told Stylz and Roman how difficult it's been to put together stuff like cribs and toys! See, he's just like us and can probably...
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Lost Ring

Have You Ever Lost Your Wedding Ring?

Have you ever lost your wedding ring? Stylz and Roman's producer Tony did, but he was lucky enough to find it a couple of weeks later. When your ring falls off snorkeling and lands at the bottom of the sea, it's pretty much gone forever. (In most cases, wait till you hear what happened to one lucky...
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Roman's College of Country Knowledge

Sometimes people stumble when they play Roman's College of Country Knowledge. For Gina from St. John, today was one of those days... She only got 2 out of 5 questions right. Ouch! If you went 5 for 5 playing along, email to play! Today's Questions: 1. Brian Kelley and his wife...
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Ladies, What Was The Worst Christmas Gift You've Gotten From A Guy?

Sometimes guys can be totally clueless when it comes to buying Christmas gifts for their girlfriends or wives. Don't believe us? Check out the gifts that these women told Stylz and Roman that their significant other got them for Christmas. Really, what woman wouldn't love a slingshot under the tree...
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