I love you

Olive Garden Wants To Give You A Breadsticks Bouquet For Valentine's Day!

Unlimited breadsticks at Olive Garden? A favorite of mine! And they're offering up Breadstick Bouquets for Valentine's Day this Thursday? Count me in! You can pick from five templates that allow you to fold these cute paper messages into bouquet wrappers for their breadsticks, including: * Love At...
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Send Button

What Message Do You Wish That You Could Unsend?

Facebook has a new feature that will allow you to unsend a message in FB Messenger for 10 minutes after you send it. We all have messages that we've sent that we regret as soon as we hit the send button! Check out what these Stylz and Roman listeners wished they could hit the unsend button on!...
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First Date

When Should The First Kiss Happen?

Erin from the US99 Promotions Department is going out on a fourth date with her new boyfriend, but there is one thing that is bothering her. They haven't kissed yet! Should she make the first move? Stylz and Roman decided to ask the US99 audience what they thought and to hear the stories of ladies...
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Kimmie Caruba & her dog Boots

Everyone is trying to get their dogs to say "I love you"

I tell my dog literally a million times a day I love her & I've never gotten it back like THIS DOG.
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