Birthday Gift

Help! What Should Roman Buy His Mom For Her Birthday?

Everyone knows that tomorrow is Valentine's Day, but it's also Roman's Mom's birthday! Like a true guy, he hasn't bought his Mom anything for either yet! So what does he do in a situation like this? Well, turn to the US99 audience for advice.....and they didn't fail him!
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First Date

What Are Your "Outside of The Box" First Date Ideas?

In case you didn't know, Stylz is the married guy on the show and Roman is currently single. Roman often goes on first dates, but it's always dinner and a movie and he's looking to change things up a little bit. So who does he ask for advice? Well, the Stylz and Roman listeners of course! Check out...
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What Is Your "Shark Tank" Invention Idea?

Heinz is sampling it's new Mayochup in Chicago on Friday at at 11 AM at 150 S. Wacker Dr. Mayo and ketchup combined in one bottle? That's a pretty cool invention isn't it? But is it as cool as the inventions that these Stylz and Roman listeners came up with?
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