Near Death

I Can't Believe That I Survived That Accident!

We survived the HUGE ice storm of 2019. OK, so maybe it wasn't all that HUGE, but some areas near Lake County are having to deal with some pretty conditions. Speaking of surviving.... Have you ever walked away from an accident when you probably shouldn't have? You'll be amazed at what these near...
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Snowball Fight

What Stupid Thing Did You Do In The Snow?

A HUGE snowstorm is expected this weekend. It's always fun to go out and play in the snow, but it what we do in that snow that isn't always all that safe. Sure, it was fun at the time, but looking back you realize just how studid (albeit fun) it really was! Stylz and Roman fessed up what they did...
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Smashed Pumpkin

Your Epic Halloween Fails!

Roman showed up for his Daddy/Son pumpkin carving night at school. The other dads were way more prepared than him and even though he did get something done, it was sort of a Halloween fail. But his fail wasn't as bad as some of the bad things that happened to these Stylz and Roman listeners on...
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What Stupid Thing Did You Do While Drunk?

When it comes to alcohol consumed, did you know that the USA is NOT #1? It's actually China! (That's because there's more people there than in the USA...) When we start drinking, sometimes we can act a little stupid. These calls to Stylz and Roman today really proved that point!
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What Went Wrong On Your Wedding Day?

Everything is supposed to be perfect on your wedding day. That's not always the case though. Stylz and Roman have a co-worker named Lizzy that sprained her ankle learning her first dance! What else could go wrong? How about bridesmaids going to labor, broken noses and more!
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Blake Drinking

The Stupidest Thing You Did While Drinking

Blake Shelton reportedly fell on stage over the weekend after a couple of drinks....a claim that Blake's camp denies. Either way, we all do some crazy things after a couple of drinks. How about mixing drinking with a :15 second keg stand? Yeah, not a good idea. Walking thru a screen door? Yep, that...
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