Kylie Jenner x Travis Scott

There's a New "Most Liked" Picture on Instagram

Sorry Stormi and Kylie Jenner, there's a new number one on the gram
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Screen Time

Time For A Little Too Much Screen Time With Sassy Siri!

Do you spend too much time on your phone, laptop or home computer? Sassy Siri sure thinks so! Listen to her give Stylz and Roman all kinds of flack for the time spent on their phones.....and she wasn't taking any excuses!
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WATCH: Kane Brown Serenades Fans With Michael Jackson Classic

Last Sunday, Kane Brown posted a video of himself singing a song that had been stuck in his head that morning. The song? Michael Jackson's 1987 smash "The Way You Make Me Feel"! Enjoy: Haven’t posted one in a while.... this song was just stuck In my head this morning A post shared by Call Me KB (@...
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Can Selfies Be Dangerous or Even Deadly?

Did you know that hundreds of people have died trying to take a selfie. Either they weren't paying attention while doing it....or where they were was downright dangerous! Stylz and Roman talked to people who did selfies while driving, in the rain and even in front of an uncaged LIVE alligator!!
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Stylz and Roman's :15 Second Frenzy Is A Dog Gone Good Time!

Chris Young has a dog named Porter (who has 50K Instagram followers BTW) that he's super proud of! Since he's a dog lover, Stylz and Roman decided to put him to the test to see how many breeds of dog that he could name in :15 seconds! Was it more or less than listener Danielle, who he was facing...
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SMARTEST IN CHICAGO: 78% of us get annoyed when we have to wait more than one minute for this?

78% of us get annoyed when we have to wait more than one minute for this? AN ELAVATOR. BTW- while you're here, if you haven't yet - will you give me a follow on IG when you can? Thanks!!
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Roman's College of Country Knowledge

Jenn from Arlington Heights opened up her textbooks and headed into class in Roman's College of Country Knowledge! It was all about Carly Pearce, Walker Hayes, Carrie Underwood, Eric Church and FGL! Enroll now by emailing ! Today's Questions: 1. Carly Pearce says she’s actually...
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Social Media

What News Did You Announce On Social Media?

Michael Ray and Carly Pearce made it "social media official" that they were a couple. Back in the day you had to call people and let them know about things like this, but not anymore! A few clicks of a mouse and everyone knows! Pregnancy? Break up? Stylz and Roman heard it all today...
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Has Social Media Caused Drama In Your Relationship?

Stylz and Roman talked to Morgan Evans at LakeShake over the weekend and found out that his wife Kelsea Ballerini sometimes get mad when he doesn't like her posts fast enough. Social media can cause all kinds of drama in a relationship! Are random girls liking your man's post? Is your girlfriend...
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Chris Young IN STUDIO With Stylz and Roman

Did you know that Chris Young's dog Porter has his own Instagram? Young was in studio with Stylz and Roman today and revealed that his dog has 50,000 followers...which is more than Stylz and Roman. LOL! But while he loves his dog, he also admitted that his dog isn't always perfect! Chris also...
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