Woman Gets Phone Back 15 Months After Dropping It in a Lake and Still Has Dad's Old Messages On It #GoodVibes

Woman dropped her phone in a lake 15 months ago and somehow a good samaritan found it, realized it still worked and gave it back to her!
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Chicago's Own Michael Jordan is Doing Something AMAZING for the Hurricane Relief! #BrightBytes

Michael Jordan is donating $1 million to hurricane relief efforts in the Bahamas. Katie has this story and MORE on today's Bright Bytes!
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An iPhone Case For Fried Chicken Lovers? Only In 2019!

We love our phones. We love our phone cases. We love our favorite food. Why not marry all three of these things? A re-seller on Amazon has just posted an iPhone case with a fried chicken piece (either a breast or a wing) as the PopSocket ... and I kinda want one RIGHT NOW! You too? An iPhone case...
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Basketball Bracket

Sassy Siri Needs Help With Her March Madness Brackets!

Who knew that Stylz and Roman's iPhone with an attitiude knew basketball! Actually, scratch that, especially after you hear her talk about who she has in her March Madness brackets! She thinks Duke is Dookie and isn't sure what Gonzaga is, but she loves saying it! Safe to say that her brackets were...
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Swimsuit and A Smartphone

Sassy Siri Needs Some Help Picking Out A Swimsuit!

65 degrees is unseasonably warm for March and Sassy Siri wants to take full advantage of it! She wanted Stylz and Roman's opinion on whether she should rock a one peice or two peice swimsuit on North Avenue Beach today. Once you get past the fact that it's supposed to rain today and it the water is...
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Sassy Siri Wants To Revoke Stylz and Roman's Man Card!

Roman is a little tired this morning....and the reason why has Sassy Siri wanting to revoke his man card! She also wants to do the same for Stylz....and has wanted to do it for several weeks now! So what did they do to incur their iPhone's wrath? Not that it takes much, but it's what they saw that...
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Shocked Smartphone

Sassy Siri Is All About Female Empowerment!

Every morning Stylz and Roman fire up the iPhone they found at Woodfield Mall and prepare themsleves for a little attitude! Over the weekend, Sassy Sir claims she went to the Maren Morris concert at The Riv and is now totally about female empowerment! She wants the guys to rub her shoulders and...
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Music on Smartphone

Sassy Siri Wants To Join The Grand Ole Opry!

Kelsea Ballerini may be the youngest, but Sassy Siri wants to be the first. The first what you ask? She wants to be the first iPhone inducted into the Grand Ole Opry. Stylz and Roman didn't know that their iPhone with an attitude could even sing and once they pressed her to, well, the results were...
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Angry Smartphone

Move Aside Tristan, It's Translating Siri!

Usually we don't have to read between the lines when it comes to Sassy Siri. Stylz and Roman's iPhone with an attitude told the guys she's a big fan of their Translating Tristan segment, but wanted them to give her a chance to see if they could Translate Siri. It shouldn't come as a surprise to...
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Sad face Emoji

How Well Do Stylz and Roman Know Sassy Siri?

When Sassy Siri heard that Stylz and Roman were going to do their own version of the Newlywed Game with Michael Ray and Carly Pearce, so wanted to get in on the action. Their iPhone with an attitude decided to ask the guys some really personal questions about herself to see how well they know her...
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