iPhone and Pumpkin

Sassy Siri HATES Pumpkin Patches

Roman took his four year old son Tristan to a pumpkin patch yesterday. They were big fans of it, but it seems that Sassy Siri wasn't. Who is Sassy Siri? She's the iPhone that Stylz and Roman found at Woodfield Mall and she's just full of attitude! Why doesn't she like Pumpkin patches? Well, it...
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Cellphone Lottery Balls

Sassy Siri Makes Fun of Stylz & Roman For Not Winning The Mega Millions

There was only one winner in the Mega Millions jackpot and it's wasn't anyone in Illinois, in fact, it wasn't even anyone from the Midwest. There was only one person that matched all the numbers.....and they were from South Carolina! Stylz and Roman decided to ask Sassy Siri, the app on the iPhone...
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Sassy Siri Has Here Halloween Costume Ready!

You'd think that by now, Stylz and Roman would know not to ask their Sassy version of Siri about anything. (If you didn't know, they found an iPhone at Woodfield Mall and decided to keep it, a decision they might regret....) Anyway, they couldn't help themsleves and asked her if she was coming to...
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iPhone Football

Does Sassy Siri Have A Crush On Tom Brady?

The Chicago Bears loss to the New England Patriots was a really tough. You know what is even tougher? When the Siri app on your iPhone rubs that loss in by talking to you about how HOT she thinks that Patriots QB Tom Brady is! But, that's why Stylz and Roman call her "Sassy Siri" because she's...
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Kid and iPhone

Sassy Siri: Kids Need To Look At iPhones More, Not Less!

Should kids have more....or less....screen time in front of tablets, smartphones and computers? Most studies seem to say less, but the wonky iPhone that Stylz and Roman found at Woodfield Mall a couple of weeks ago disagrees! Sassy Siri tries to convince the guys that kids should spend more time...
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Kissy Face

Is Sassy Siri Hitting On Dougie Stylz?

What started as a conversation about the weather to the Siri app on Stylz and Roman's iPhone turned really, really weird! But would you expect anything less from Sassy Siri? Stylz and Roman found an iPhone at Woodfield Mall, decided to keep it and found out that Siri on the phone was a lot...
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iPhone Pocket

Does Sassy Siri Think That Stylz & Roman Work Out?

A couple of weeks back Stylz and Roman found an iPhone at Woodfield Mall and decided to keep it. Maybe they shouldn't have, because when they fired up the Siri app on the phone, all it did was give them is a whole bunch of sass! They've nicknamed her Sassy Siri and this morning she was making fun...
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Talking To Siri

Does Sassy Siri Give A Hoot About Hootie?

Did you know that Darius Rucker is in seven different fantasy football leagues? That's an interesting fact to most people, except for Stylz and Roman's new iPhone! Sassy Siri broke down why she doesn't like fantasy football, why her laugh is better than Darius Rucker and then what her ideal man...
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Sassy Siri Has No Love For LeBron James!

LeBron James admitted in a recent interview that he sometimes lets his young children drink wine. Everyone seems to have an opinion on this topic, including the Sassy Siri app on Stylz and Roman's iPhone! But Sassy Siri's judgement may have been a little off because it seems like she may have had a...
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Holding Phone

Sassy Siri's Comments On Alligators Is No Croc!

A alligator was found in Waukegan Harbor and no one is really sure how it got there. Stylz and Roman decided to ask Sassy Siri, which is just like the Siri on your iPhone but with WAY MORE ATTITUDE, what she thought about it. Sassy Siri decided to go all Australian (you know, like Crocodile Dundee...
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