Jamie Lynn Spears

Jamie Lynn Spears reveals details about 'Zoey 101' reboot: 'It should be a show for young adults'

After years out of the spotlight, Jamie Lynn Spears is working on a reboot of the kids’ classic show from Nickelodeon, “Zoey 101.” But this time, the show will be geared towards the people who watched the show when they were younger.
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Thomas Rhett

Roman's College of Country Knowledge

Roman's College of Country Knowledge headed past the Cheddar curtain today! Gary from Kenosha faced off with Roman this morning, but the results were the same as usual as he gained the "W." Do you have what it takes? Email Mornings@US99.com ! Today's Questions: 1. “Something To Do With My Hands”, “...
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Romans College of Country Knowledge: Jason From Portage

Someone went for 5 for 5 in Roman's College of Country Knowledge today. Was it Roman? Was it Jason from Portage? Was it both? Mornings@US99.com to play! Today's Questions: 1. This “You Broke Up With Me” singer says he’s replaced his addiction to alcohol with an addiction to exercise. Who is he? (...
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Roman's College of Country Knowledge: Stephanie From Carol Stream

Roman's current record in the College of Country Knowledge is 268 and 24.
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Jamie Lynn Spears is Pregnant with Second Child

Jamie and Jamie are expecting their first child together!
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