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In-Laws of WGN's Dan Ponce Returned to US After Being Quarantined Aboard Cruise Ship Due to Coronavirus #GoodVibes

In-laws of WGN’s Dan Ponce are back safely after being quarantined on a cruise ship in Japan. They say they so far have no symptoms of the coronavirus and are doing well.
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Airline's Seat Chart Shows Where Babies Are Sitting, So You Can Avoid Them

Japan Airlines just launched a new feature on its website that helps you avoid sitting next to a BABY. When you pick your seats, there's an icon on any seats where kids two and under are sitting. So you can make sure you're as far away from them as possible. It only works if the parents booked...
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Dog Follows Google Street View Car, Becomes Internet Sensation [PHOTOS]

This dog in Japan has gone viral after a Google Street View Car drove by the dock he was hanging out at. Check out the pictures below! Dog follows Google Street View car and makes every photo so much better -- https://t.co/xYbH1KuTj0 — Cute Emergency (@CuteEmergency) April 11, 2018
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