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US*99 Morning Show Tries the Banana Peel Diet

A new study has found that eating banana peels can cause weight loss, improve sleep, and enhance your skin. The US*99 Morning Show team wanted to see what all the hype was about.
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Erin's Brother Ended Up in the E.R. on Thanksgiving!

Find out how Erin's brother ruined their family Thanksgiving and ended up in the emergency room needing stitches.
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Katie's Story Had Us All Crying In The Studio

Katie set out to deliver a Thanksgiving turkey and gift card to a “family in need.” She didn’t know what the need was until she arrived. Meet William.
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Head to the Beecher Pumpkin Smash To Get Rid Of Your Excess Pumpkins!

Check out all the cool activities and festivals going on in the Chicagoland area this weekend!
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Psychic Medium John Capello on the US*99 Morning Show!

John Capello, a psychic medium, was on the US*99 Morning Show to read listeners' energy while giving them guidance and closure.
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Edible Cookie Dough Creator Talks New Cook Book With Jason and Katie!

Kristen Tomlan, the creator of edible cookie dough and founder of Cookie Do Confections, stopped by the studio to talk about her delicious business and brand new cookbook!
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US*99 Morning Show Team Was Out Supporting the CPS Teachers

US*99 supports our teachers!
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US*99 Morning Show Delivers Doughnuts to CPS Teachers on Strike

Thanks to Firecakes Donuts we were able to hand out donuts to some teachers gathering at the Swiss Hotel before they headed to City Hall!
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True Life I'm A Parent...

The US*99 Morning Show unveiled a new segment today titled 'True Life I'm a Parent' where we discuss some of the funniest parenting fails.
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Chris Janson Called Jason and Katie To Talk About New Album and US*99 Stars and Strings!

Chris Janson is having a crazy week with his album release, another #1 single, AND preparing for US*99 Stars and Strings in December!
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