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Kenny Chesney, New Album, Touring, COVID-19, Interview, Jason and Katie in the Morning

Kenny Chesney Talks New Album, How the Pandemic Impacts Summer Touring, and Soldier Field

Kenny Chesney calls Jason and Katie to talk about his brand new album Here and Now , how the pandemic will impact his touring schedule this summer, and why Soldier Field is one of his favorite stadiums to play.
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Lauri Loewenberg, Dream Expert, Info

You Can Contact Our Dream Expert Lauri Loewenberg!

With the stress of the quarantine and the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic, many people have been having very vivid dreams. Jason and Katie talk to dream expert Lauri Loewenberg on why this is occurring and what their dreams have been meaning.
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Chrissy Metz, This Is Us, Country Music, Jason and Katie

This Is Us Actress Turned Country Music Singer, Chrissy Metz Calls Jason and Katie Via Zoom

This Is Us actress turned country singer, Chrissy Metz, calls Jason and Katie to via Zoom talk about her new single, the TV shows she's been watching in quarantine, and who she looks up to in the music industry.
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Kane Brown, Interview, Jason and Katie in the Morning, Quarantine, Country Music,

Kane Brown Calls Jason and Katie to Chat About New Single, What He's Doing in Quarantine, and How He Got Poison Ivy

Right after Kane Brown released his new single "Cool Again," he called Jason and Katie to chat about the song, how his family is handling quarantine, why he loves playing in Chicago, and how he got poison ivy.
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Expert, Medical Director, Critical Care, Coronavirus, Jason and Katie

Medical Expert Answers ALL Your Questions About the Coronavirus

Dr. Randy Orr, the Medical Director at Northwestern Medicine Lakeforest Hospital, joined Jason and Katie to answer all your coronavirus questions AND most importantly give his expert opinion on whether should you go on your spring break trip this month.
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NBA Suspension, Coronavirus, Basketball, Sports, David Schuster, 670 the Score

David Shuster from 670 the Score Breaks Down the NBA Suspension

David Shuster from 670 The Score called Jason and Katie to talk about the NBA suspension and what that means for the future of sports during the coronavirus outbreak.
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Garth Brooks, Icon Award, Billboard Music Awards, Country Music

Garth 'The Icon' Brooks Calls Jason and Katie to Talk About His History Making Career

It was just announced that Garth Brooks will receive the Icon Award at the Billboard Music Awards live on April 29th on NBC. He called Jason and Katie to talk about what the award means to him!
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US*99 Romance Theater, Valentines Day, Love Scene, Movie

US*99 Morning Show Reenacts Famous Rom Com Scenes to Get Ready For Valentine's Day!

Grab your tissues! To help get you ready for Valentine's Day, your US*99 morning show reenacted the best scenes from the most romantic movies of all time!
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Alarm Clock, New Study, Sleeping, Groggy

Your Alarm Clock Could Be Making You Groggy

A new study found that your alarm clock sound could be making you groggy. Your US*99 Morning Show shares what sound they wake up to every morning!
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Scotty, Jason and Katie in the Morning, Office Suck Up

Meet Your US*99 Office Suck Up

Every workplace has that one person that just tries a little too hard when the boss comes around, right? We found out who the office suck-up is in the US*99 studio...
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