Jason Pullman

Mayors Who Matter, Episode 3, Naperville, Jason Pullman

Mayor Steve Chirico of Naperville Talks Quarantine, Sports, and Local Businesses with Jason

Mayor Steve Chirico of Naperville talks quarantine, sports, and local businesses with Jason Pullman and his nephew Hudson during episode 3 of our new weekly segment: Mayors Who Matter.
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Wedding Anniversary, Celebrate, Coronavirus, Nursing Home

Coronavirus Didn't Stop Man From Celebrating His 67th Wedding Anniversary #GoodVibes

The coronavirus may have banned public visitors from the nursing home, but that did not stop Bob Shellard from celebrating his 67th wedding anniversary over the weekend.
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Hand Washing, Water, Clean, Outbreak, Coronavirus

Teacher's 'Hack' Helps Kids Wash Hands More Thoroughly During Outbreak #GoodVibes

Getting kids to wash their hands can be difficult at the best of times, but even more so when there's a global coronavirus outbreak. One teacher found a very creative way to make sure kids are washing their hands correctly.
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Police Officer, Good Vibes, Birthday, Woman

Police Officer Gives Woman a Ride Home and Then Buys Birthday Cake and Gift for Her Kid #GoodVibes

Police Sgt. Nick Boney saw a woman walking home alone on a cold night carrying balloons and kindly offered her a ride. He then found out it was her daughter's birthday so we asked another officer to buy the kid a birthday cake and a gift!
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Kiss Cam, Blackhawks, Hockey, Tribute, Chicago, Couple

Blackhawks Pay Tribute To Chicago's Favorite Kiss Cam Couple #GoodVibes

The Chicago Blackhawks paid tribute to their favorite Kiss Cam couple, Earl and RoseLee Deutsch, during the game Sunday night to honor Earl who recently passed away at age 93.
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Chemotherapy Bell, School Pep Rally, Beat Cancer

Mundelein School Holds Pep Rally for Student That Completed Chemotherapy! #GoodVibes

Lucas Blanco, a first-grader from Mundelein, has rung the bell at Lurie Children's Hospital indicating that he officially has finished his last chemotherapy treatment!!!
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Uber, Jason Pullman, Good Vibes, Thanks

Jason Received Text From Unknown Number Thanking Him #GoodVibes

Over the weekend Jason received a text from an unknown number thanking him for his kind words of encouragement and it ended up being from an Uber driver he had a few months ago.
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Brad Williams, Comedian, GoFundMe, Disneyland

Comedian Brad Williams Sends 9 Year Old That Was Bullied To Disneyland #GoodVibes

A viral video of a 9-year-old crying to his mom after getting bullied due to his dwarfism went viral and caught the attention of comedian Brad Williams who set up a GoFundMe for the boy to send him to Disneyland.
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Cancer, Chemo, Last Session, Survivor, Viral

Cancer Survivor Goes Viral After Last Chemo Session #GoodVibes

Beating cancer is one of the most physically exhausting and mentally draining victories and for one woman she wanted to share that victory for her Twitter followers, even if there were only 12 of them.
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Cruise Ship, Quarantined, Japan, America, Coronavirus

In-Laws of WGN's Dan Ponce Returned to US After Being Quarantined Aboard Cruise Ship Due to Coronavirus #GoodVibes

In-laws of WGN’s Dan Ponce are back safely after being quarantined on a cruise ship in Japan. They say they so far have no symptoms of the coronavirus and are doing well.
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