Jason Pullman

First Grader, Chicago, Invention, Portable Sink

Chicago First Graders' Invention Earns Them National Attention #GoodVibes

Two very creative first graders from the Lenart Regional Gifted Center in Chicago came up with an invention that's earning them the national spotlight!
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Maine West High School, Superfan, Basketball Team

78 Year Old is Suburban High School Basketball Team's Number One Fan #GoodVibes

For 61 years, Nick Ladas has reigned king of Maine West High School’s basketball court. While he never actually played on the team and he's not the coach, he is the best support system for the players.
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Girl Scout Cookies, Weed Dispensary, Troop, Profits

Girl Scout Troop Maximizes Profits by Selling Cookies Outside of Weed Dispensary #GoodVibes

Dispensaries aren’t the only ones cashing in on cannabis legalization in Illinois: A wise Girl Scout troop set up shop outside an Andersonville dispensary this weekend, delighting customers and employees of the weed shop.
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Girodano's, Pizza, Deep Dish, Mega Millions, Tickets, Illinois Lottery

Giordano's is Surprising Customers With Mega Millions Tickets #GoodVibes

The Illinois Lottery surprised 200 Giordano’s customers for National Pizza Day on Sunday and the next drawing for the Mega Millions will be TODAY (Tuesday 2/11).
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Willis Tower, Skydeck, Couples, Marriage, Wedding, Valentine's Day

Couples Wed and Renew Vows on the Willis Tower Skydeck #GoodVibes

This weekend was the 5th Annual "Love on the Ledge" Valentine's Day contest where four deserving couples exchanged their wedding vows at the Skydeck of the Willis Tower.
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Bodega, Bronx, Shopping Spree

Customers Get Free Shopping Spree If They Answer Math Problems Correctly #GoodVibes

A bodega worker in the Bronx has gone viral after posting a video testing his customers; math skills. If the customers can answer a simple math problem correctly, he gives them a 5 second shopping spree.
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Military Son, Surprise, Mother, Police Officer, Ceremony

Military Son Surprises Mom at Police Swearing In Ceremony #GoodVibes

Officer Erika Benning had the most special swearing-in ceremony when her military son who had been stationed overseas for the past two years surprised her with her badge!
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Bull Rider, Girl, PBR, Athlete

13 Year Old is Only Girl on the Aspiring Bull Rider Pro Tour #GoodVibes

13-year-old Najiah Knight is currently the only girl on the Professional Bull Riders tour’s miniature bull riders circuit across the country and around the world.
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Man in Park, Park Bench, Bon Jovi, Sing-Along, Good Vibes

Man in Park Starts Impromptu Bon Jovi Sing-ALong #GoodVibes

It’s moments like these that make life beautiful. A random man sitting on a park bench began singing Bon Jovi's 'Living on a Prayer' and pretty soon the entire park was singing along with him.
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Super Bowl, Kansas City Chiefs, Groundskeeper

Kansas City Chiefs Groundskeeper Had a Super Bowl to Remember #GoodVibes

Doug Schallenberg, the Kansas City Chiefs groundskeeper, has worked at 11 different Super Bowls, but this year he was able to enjoy the game in the stands with his wife.
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