Jason Pullman

He Wore What on His First Day of School? #GoodVibes

Carina Cansino dressed her son in an oversized t-shirt, which he’ll mark with a painted handprint in honor of the first day of school for the next 12 years.
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You Won't Believe Why This Woman Set Fire To A House!

A woman in New Jersey burned a man's house down because he texted her at night for a booty call and then fell asleep before she came over.
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A Local Suburban Teen Born Without Arms is Competing in What?! #GoodVibes

A local Suburban teen born without arms is beating the odds and competing in the Chicago Triathlon.
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Kindergartener Gets Police Escort on His First Day of School! #GoodVibes

The first day of kindergarten is a big moment not only in a child's life, but for their parents as well. Some parents even try to take off work in order to see their kids walk through those doors and wish them luck! One kindergartener in Missouri had one of the coolest first day send-offs. Carmine...
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Man Got His First Hair Cut in 15 Years...#GoodVibes

A man has not cut his hair in 15 years...so why start now? Reynaldo Arroyo, 23, decided to cut his hair so he could enlist in the army! He traded his long locks for a brighter future AND decided to donate it to Locks of Love! Locks of Love is a non-profit organization that takes hair donations and...
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Air OR Water Roulette with Your US*99 Morning Show!

The Air and Water Show is this weekend at North Ave. Beach! Admission is free and the show will be INCREDIBLE! In order to celebrate this beloved Chicago tradition, Jason, Katie, and Erin played a game of AIR OR WATER ROULETTE! Trust me, you'll want to see how this played out...
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You Won't Believe What this Uber Driver Did #GoodVibes

"We're feeling them good vibes!" Here's a great story to help your Thursday! Diane was taking an Uber to work and while in the car was explaining to the driver, Lamiyah Jabbar, that she's been having a hard time. She has two grandkids that she helps with and while she needs new slippers and clothes...
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You Choose the News with Jason, Katie, and Erin!

Three different news stories, three different headlines. All you have to do is choose the one you want to hear! Linda from Palos chose Erin's headline today, but you can read all three stories! Jason: My neighbors wanted to kill me last night because this happened at 11:30 pm... Jason decided to...
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Good Vibes with Jason Pullman!

Time for some GOOD VIBES on this rainy Wednesday! A waitress at Abuelo’s Mexican Restaurant in Arkansas received the greatest tip of her life the other day. Maria Elena Barragan, a mother of two young boys, finished her double shift when two regulars asked her to sit down and chat. At first,...
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You Choose the News!

Three different news stories, three different headlines. All you have to do is choose the one you want to hear! Jason: The one thing you need to do to avoid bedbugs at a hotel....eww According to an entomologist, bedbugs are amazing hitchhikers and can easily get into your luggage when staying at a...
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