Jason Pullman

You Choose the News!

Three different news stories, three different headlines. All you have to do is choose the one you want to hear! Jason: The one thing you need to do to avoid bedbugs at a hotel....eww According to an entomologist, bedbugs are amazing hitchhikers and can easily get into your luggage when staying at a...
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Good Vibes with Jason Pullman!

Time for a feel-good story to help you brighten your Tuesday! #GoodVibes What happened when Sergeant Seth Craven's flight was canceled on his way to see the birth of his baby…? He was hours from seeing his son’s birth when the flight was grounded, but some amazing strangers gave him a lift! He...
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Meet Your New US*99 Morning Show!

We are thrilled to introduce you to the brand new US*99 Morning Show! Jason, Katie, and Erin cannot wait to start your morning off every day at 5:30 am! (Make sure to set your alarms!) Check out their first adventures together in our great city of Chicago!
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