Jason Pullman

Martial Arts, Jiu-Jitsu, Lesson, Positive

Jiu-Jitsu Professor Stops Car Thief and Teaches Lesson Instead of Pressing Charges #GoodVibes

A local martial arts expert hopes his confrontation with a young, would-be car thief turns into a life-changing moment.
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Firefighter, Fire, First Responder, Protect

Firefighters Left Store for Emergency and Came Back To Their Groceries Paid For By a Stranger #GoodVibes

Several members of the Fishers Fire Department in Indiana were shopping for groceries at a local Kroger when they were dispatched on an emergency call.
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Subway, Sandwich Shop, Couple, Buy, Manager

Couple Buys the Sandwich Shop They Met at Decades Earlier as Employees #GoodVibes

A Utah couple met as teenagers back in 1997 while working at Subway and in order to commemorate the place that started their love story, they bought the restaurant!
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Uber, Car, Tech, Driver

Passenger Helped Pay For Uber Drivers College Tuition #GoodVibes

An Uber driver says she is one step closer to achieving her dream of becoming a lawyer thanks to a random passenger who paid off her college debt when he heard her life's story.
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school bus, grandfather, grandkids, school

Man Buys a School Bus for His Grandkids #GoodVibes

This Oregon man may have just won the award for “Grandfather of the Year” after he surprised his grandkids with a creative Christmas gift on wheels.
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Present, Gift Wrap, Christmas

Woman Returns Wrapped Gift Found on Street to Owner #GoodVibes

A South Carolina woman was able to brighten a family's Christmas by returning a wrapped gift she found in the middle of a busy road.
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Calculator, Utility Bill, Pay

Man Paid Off 36 Families' Utility Bills For the Holidays #GoodVibes

A Florida man who once spent Christmas without gas just paid off the past dues for 36 families at risk of losing their electricity! He wanted to take a little bit of stress off these families right in time for the holidays.
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Guitar, singing, duet

Cancer Patient and Nurse Sing Heartwarming Duet Together #GoodVibes

A Nashville musician played the guitar and sang a rendition of "O Holy Night" with his hospital nurse Sunday night. AND if this duet does not get you into the holiday spirit, I don't know what will.
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Glasses, Colorblind, See

Teenager Receives Colorblind Glasses and Can Finally See Christmas Colors #GoodVibes

16 year old boy was born colorblind and when he found out there were special glasses made specifically to see certain colors, he set up his own GoFundMe page!
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School Lunch, Sandwich, Cafeteria, Debt

Kindergartener Sells Cookies To Pay Off Student Lunch Debt #GoodVibes

5-year-old Katelynn Hardee wanted to help a classmate who could barely afford lunch, so she set up a cocoa-and-cookies stand and donated all her earnings to help pay off 123 students' lunch debt.
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