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Customers Jump In To Help Waffle House Employee Working Alone #GoodVibes

Due to a scheduling error, a frantic Waffle House employee was left alone to run the entire restaurant by himself on a Sunday night. Some customers saw him struggling and decided to help out.
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Man's Homemade Sign at Bears Game Sparks Overwhelming Response #GoodVIbes

Marcus Edwards, from Jeffersonville, is in desperate need of a kidney transplant after receiving the news back in June. While at the Bears game the other week he held up a homemade sign to hopefully find a donor.
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102 Year Old Lives Out Lifelong Dream And Records Album #GoodVibes

102-year-old lyricist Alan R. Tripp is part of the oldest professional songwriting team in music history and just recorded an album for senior citizens called Senior Song Book.
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Bagel Shop Worker Drives 7 Hours to Return Keys to Customer #GoodVibes

A clerk at a New York bagel shop drove seven hours to return a customer's missing car key fob.
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Boy's Last Wish Was Granted With Thousands of Sports Cars #GoodVibes

A 14-year-old Missouri boy who loved sports cars, and unfortunately lost his battle to cancer earlier this month, was granted his last dying wish as his funeral procession was lined with thousands of cars.
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Plainfield Firefighters Go To Boy's Birthday After No One Else Showed Up #GoodVibes

Some Plainfield Fire Protection District firefighters showed up to 7-year-old Dominic’s birthday party over the weekend, not because of a fire but because no other kids showed up.
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Hospital Dresses Babies as Mister Rogers for Kindness Day #GoodVibes

In honor of World Kindness Day, a hospital in Pittsburgh dressed up their newborn babies as Mister Rogers with crocheted tiny red cardigans with ties and booties.
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Chicago Area Salvation Army Receives First Gold Coin of the Season #GoodVibes

The holidays are upon us and the Salvation Army has begun their kettle donation season. At a local Chicago area Salvation Army Community Center an anonymous donor dropped off a gold coin.
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Chicago Police Sergeant Runs Race, Saves a Life, and Gets Engaged All in a Few Hours #GoodVibes

Chicago Police Sergeant Mike Nowacki ran the Allstate Hot Chocolate Run over the weekend in full SWAT gear because his girlfriend Officer Gubala was working at the finish line. He could never have expected what happened during the race.
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Krispy Kreme Donating Doughnuts to Student to Help Pay Off College Debt #GoodVibes

Krispy Kreme is donating 500 boxes of doughnuts to Jayson Gonzalez, 21, after learning he would cross state lines to resell its product.
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