Jay DeMarcus

Cortney and Roman

Roman's College of Country Knowledge

The track record for the celebs that have been replacing Roman this week has been spotty at best. Today it was Cortney Hall, who you see all the time on WGN News and CLTV as his stand in. She knows Roman well because she is also Roman's co-host at all of the Chicago Bulls home games! Take a listen...
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It's Jay's Birthday So I Put Together The Ultimate Rascal Flatts Playlist!

It's Jay DeMarcus' birthday today! Coming in on the Metra, I started daydreaming about their show this summer and ALL THE HITS they've had over the years ... My Top 9? * Yours If You Want It * These Days * Feels Like Today * Here * Love Who You Love * Here's To You * Stand * Riot * Take Me There Am...
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Roman's College of Country Knowledge: Lona From Wood Dale

After taking a break for the holidays, Roman's College of Country Knowledge returned to the airwaves this morning!
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