Should You Wear Your Rings During the Coronavirus Pandemic? How Jewelry Could Hide Germs

As many people practice social distancing, hand washing has become a daily routine to help slow the spread of COVID-19. Should you wear your rings during the coronavirus pandemic?
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How Did You Get Over An Ex?

So maybe this is a little extreme. A Texas woman used 20 pounds of explosives to blow up here wddding dress after getting a divorce. That's one way to get over an ex.... But there's other ways, ones which don't involve a bomb tech, that these Stylz and Roman listeners did after they broke up with...
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Do You Give Back Stuff After A Breakup?

Mariah Carey just sold the $10 million dollar engagment ring she got from her ex for just over $2 million bucks. While it's not as expensive for everyday people, everyone has gifts from they've gotten from people who end up being their ex's. So, what do you do with it? Check out what they Stylz and...
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