Doggy Dog

Woman Quits Her Job and Spends 57 Days Looking for Her Lost Dog

Everyone loves their pets. But do you love them enough to upend your whole career? A woman from Washington state named Carole King went on a trip to Montana this summer, and brought her seven-year-old border collie named Katie along. Then the dog ESCAPED from her hotel room. She immediately started...
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Man Brings “Emotional Support Clown” To His Firing Meeting

Josh Thompson felt suspect when the advertising agency where he worked called him in for a meeting. He told Magic Talk, “I thought it’s either a promotion or worse.” Legally, employers in New Zealand are required to allow an employee to bring in a person for support during meeting such as these, so...
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Coffee Company Will Pay You $30K To Quit Your Job

SToK Cold Brew is holding a contest where they're going to give three people $30,000 to quit or take a break from their job . . . and follow their dream for a month. If you're interested, you have to tell them in 300 words or less what you'd do with the money. The deadline is Monday and the website...
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You're Fired

Why Were You Fired From Your Job?

The Chicago Bears officially announced yesterday that were going a different direction with the kicker position and Cody Parkey was out of a job. Everyone gets fired at some point in their life and sometimes it's for some pretty goofy reasons. Fights, theft and even foot surgery were some of the...
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Online Dating

He Was Way Different Than His Online Dating Profile!

Ever go on a date with someone that you met on an online dating site and they didn't match up with their profile? That happened earlier this week on Stylz and Romance, so the guys decided to see if it had happened to anyone else. Apparently this happens to a lot of people! Check out the differences...
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Give Up

I Gave Up ___________ For My Significant Other

Luke Combs told Stylz and Roman in a recent interview that he gave up chewing tobacco for his girlfriend. But he did admit to them that he does miss it, but he knows it's for the better. Sometimes we give up something for our significant others to make them happy. For Luke Combs it was for the good...
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I'd Love To Have A "Do-Over" On This In My Life!

Ever want to have a do over in life? The Chicago Bulls probably wish they could have a mulligan after yesterday's 149 to 124 loss to the Golden State Warriors. Is there anything in your life that you wish you could do different? These Stylz and Roman listeners sure did as they had stories about...
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Kicked Out

Where Did You Get Kicked Out Of?

You know a fan is getting rowdy when the artist on stage has to kick you out personally. That's what Miranda Lambert did during a recent show! Video of Miranda Lambert Boots Unruly Fan: ‘This Is our Night!’ Ouch! Ever been kicked out of someplace? Maybe your job? A bar after too many drinks? A...
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Hate Job

The Worst Job You Ever Had!

Ever have a job that you can't stand? Carly Pearce told Stylz and Roman that she hated cleaning Airbnb's! That's not nearly as bad as some of the jobs that these Stylz and Roman listeners hated heading in to each day!
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What US99 DJ Left Panties In The Studio?

Stylz and Roman found a random pair of panties in the US99 studio the other day. They've tried to hunt down the owner of the undies, but none of the station's DJs will fess up to it being theirs! Stylz and Roman aren't the only ones to find weird things at work. Check out what these Stylz and Roman...
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