Katie Bright

Recipe, Short Ribs, Crock Pot, Katie Bright, Dinner

Katie's Slow Cooker Beef Short Ribs Recipe

Last night Katie from Jason and Katie in the morning made this easy recipe for her family that they LOVED and she wants to share it with you!
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The Office, Children's Book, Dunder Mifflin

A New Version of The Office is Coming, But For Children

There's a new version of The Office coming, but it's aimed at a younger generation. The Office is getting a children's book - The Office, A Day at Dunder Mifflin Elementary, with all the characters you love including Pam, Jim, Dwight Shrute, Michael Scott and more.
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Cereal, General Mills, Breakfast, Healthy

General Mills Launched New Cereal for $13 a Box!

General Mills launched a ready-to-eat breakfast meal complete with real maple berries, dried cherries, and almonds, but it will cost significantly more than other cereals.
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McDonald's, Fast Food, Scented Candle,

Now Your Whole House Can Smell Like McDonald's All the Time with Their New Candle!

Now your house can smell like McDonald's all the time! The fast-food chain just announced the launch of their new 6 piece scented candle pack that when burned together will smell like a Quarter Pounder.
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Chipotle, Hockey, Free food, Burrito

Hockey Fans Can Get FREE Chipotle Tomorrow!

Hockey fans listen up! TOMORROW all your dream will come true when you can 2 for 1 burritos at Chipotle!
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Wine, Bottle, Price, Low Price

Great News: The Price of Wine Is Dropping Rapidly!

The price of wine will be the lowest it has been in the last five years!
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O'hare Airport, Nintendo, Play Station, Flight

O'Hare Airport Will Now Have Nintendo Stations to Play While Waiting for Flight

Just in time for your winter and spring break getaways, there's something new at O'hare that'll help you and perhaps, more importantly, YOUR kids, pass the time while waiting for your flight.
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Amazon, Distribution Center, Chicagoland, Bolingbrook

New Amazon Distribution Center is Coming to Chicagoland

It appears another Amazon distribution center is coming to Chicagoland! Rumor has it Amazon has spent more than $50 million for the former site of Old Chicago in Bolingbrook.
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Field Museum, Chicago, History, Free

Need Plans on Monday For President's Day? Chicago Museums Will Be FREE

If you need something to do when your kids are off school on Monday for President's Day, we got you covered! Many of the Chicago museums will be free!
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Gas Attendant, New Law, Illinois, Lawmaker

Lawmakers Pushing to Bring Back Gas Attendants

Some Illinois lawmakers are pushing a bill to bring gas station attendants back. The point of the bill, if approved and signed, is to increase jobs in the community.
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