Kicker Robbie Gould #9 of the Chicago Bears gives instruction to teammate in the second quarter against the Detroit Lions at Soldier Field on January 3, 2016 in Chicago, Illinois.

Robbie Gould demands to be traded, wants to be closer to Chicago

It was devastating when the team released Robbie Gould back in 2016; some understood the move by the organization, while others, frustrated with years of sub-par performances by Jay Cutler, were left bewildered that the Bears' all-time leading scorer was let go. It was a decision the team would...
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Mad Boss

I Really Ticked My Boss Off When I Did......WHAT?

Ever do something that really ticked your boss off? Seems that Chicago Bears coach Matt Nagy is less than happy with kicker Cody Parkey's appearance on The Today Show last week. Guess he never told his coach that he was going to be on the show. Nagy says it seemed like a more "ME" thing instead of...
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Cellphone Charger

You'll Really Get A Charge Out Of Sassy Siri!

You probably plug in cellphone to it's charger several times throughout the day and don't even think about it. But Sassy Siri, Stylz and Roman's iPhone with an attitdude, wants you to be gentle when you do! Why? Well, take a listen and let her explain...
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