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Kindergartener Sells Cookies To Pay Off Student Lunch Debt #GoodVibes

5-year-old Katelynn Hardee wanted to help a classmate who could barely afford lunch, so she set up a cocoa-and-cookies stand and donated all her earnings to help pay off 123 students' lunch debt.
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Kindergartener Gets Police Escort on His First Day of School! #GoodVibes

The first day of kindergarten is a big moment not only in a child's life, but for their parents as well. Some parents even try to take off work in order to see their kids walk through those doors and wish them luck! One kindergartener in Missouri had one of the coolest first day send-offs. Carmine...
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Kindergarten Child

When Did You Realize That Your Little Baby Wasn't A Baby Anymore?

Roman registered his four year old son for kindergarten yesterday and it made him realize that his little boy isn't such a little boy anymore! There is always that moment when parents realize that their kids aren't kids anymore! Maybe it was enrolling in kindergarten, maybe it when their kids had...
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