Mitchell Tenpenny and Seaforth Will Do 'Anything She Says'

US*99's Country Class of 2019 and LakeShake artist Mitchell Tenpenny teamed up with the new Australian duo Seaforth and created your new favorite song: 'Anything She Says.' Video of Mitchell Tenpenny - Anything She Says (Audio) ft. Seaforth Man, this song has an amazing 'driving around with the...
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Maren Morris performs onstage during the 2018 Billboard Music Awards

Maren Morris Talks GIRL Power, Chicago, Summer Brunch & More With Drew!

Maren Morris called me early this morning to chat all things GIRL power, how things have changed in the last 3 years since "Hero" came out, her most empowering moment this year, why a Chicago condo could be in the works for her & her husband Ryan Hurd & much more >>>> Maren...
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Brett Young at Lakeshake

Dad-To-Be Brett Young Shares His Best Parenting Advice: ‘It Just Makes Sense the Second You Meet Your Child’

Back in April, Brett Young revealed that he and wife Taylor Mills were expecting their first child. “You just have to roll with it,” Young tells US*99 of the best parenting advice he’s received. “It’s your child, it’s your life, and part of the genius in it is it just makes sense the second you...
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Miranda Lambert at Lakeshake

Miranda Lambert Jokes She Can't Take a Break Again Because 'I Get Married and Do Weird Sh-t'

Chicago's LakeShake festival was Miranda Lambert's first show in 8 months. "They're not going to let me have eight months off ever again, because I get married and do weird sh*t," Miranda jokes with US*99 of her well-deserved break.
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Maren Morris Lakeshake 2019

Maren Morris Describes Perfect Day Off

We know about all the success Maren Morris has received over the last few years, but we wanted to get to know Maren Morris a little better and we did it in a fun way! We brought Conversation Jenga to Country LakeShake and ask Maren to play. The first peg she pulled read: Describe your perfect day...
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Miranda Lambert and Maren Morris

What Miranda Lambert Really Thought of Maren Morris' Playboy Shoot

Friday of Country LakeShake was all about the GIRL POWER! And one of those strong females was Maren Morris, who said she has been receiving great support from her peers. In January, Maren Morris released her new single “Girl” and announced her upcoming album of the same name, that was released in...
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Lauren Alaina at Lakeshake

Lauren Alaina Says Third Album Will Allow Fans 'To Get To Know Me Now'

In October 2018, Lauren Alaina released her latest single titled, "Ladies in the '90s” which is a preview of what is to come, as she works on her third album. What else will we be seeing on the upcoming album? "Well I have been through some things in the last year and a half, that I have not been...
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Lindsay Ell at Lakeshake

Lindsay Ell Talks About 'Creating A Moment' At Bonnaroo

Women of country ruled Bonnaroo 2019, and Lindsay Ell was one of them! Lindsay Ell joined GRiZ’s G.O.A.T. A Celebration of Music Legends SuperJam and paid tribute to Chris Cornell with a performance of “Black Hole Sun” by Soundgarden. She was sure to make it a moment by ending it with a laid out...
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