Los Angeles

Black Car vs Silver Car

UPDATE: Black Car vs Silver Car: The L.A. Parking Standoff that Captivated the Internet

Parking in Chicago can be painful, to the point that Chicagoans are notorious for being very territorial over there dug out parking spots during the winter. And some locations are easier to park in than others (have you tried parking in West Loop in the early afternoon?!) One thing is for sure, we...
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Roman's College of Country Knowledge

Did you know that Shay from Dan and Shay has a go to karaoke that's by Chicago artist R. Kelly? That's the kind of thing you learn in Roman's College of Country Knowledge! Email Mornings@US99.com to play! Today's Questions: 1. Jennifer Nettles recently shared a 20 second clip on social media of a...
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This fireworks video is absolutely spectacular!

Can't. Stop. Watching. This video of 4th of July fireworks all over Los Angeles is absolute insanity and amazing to look at. pic.twitter.com/aQPN3ZWuhc — Jeff D Lowe (@JeffDLowe) July 5, 2018
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