Los Angeles Dodgers

Dolly Parton

Roman's College of Country Knowledge

Would you know what state that Dolly Parton calls home? Who Maren Morris thinks is a Texas queen? Scott from LaPorte did, but more importantly, did Roman? If going five for five is your thing, email Mornings@US99.com to enroll in Roman's College of Country Knowledge. Today's Questions: 1. Maren...
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SNR and Brad

Brad Paisley Doesn't Like The Bet That Stylz and Roman Proposed To Him!

So will it be Brad Paisley or Stylz and Roman that end up on stage in their underwear when Brad's concert rolls through Chicago later this summer? Brad is a Los Angeles Dodger's fan and Stylz and Roman are obviously Cubs fan, so the guys wanted the person whose team had the worst record to go on...
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SEE: Bad Lip Reading Takes On Baseball And It's Hysterical!

We love the folks at Bad Lip Reading ... they've done celebrities, everyday folks, themes and LOTS of sports too! This time around, it's our baseball version and it is amazing >>>> Video of "MLB: A Bad Lip Reading" — A Bad Lip Reading of Major League Baseball
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