Doggy Dog

Woman Quits Her Job and Spends 57 Days Looking for Her Lost Dog

Everyone loves their pets. But do you love them enough to upend your whole career? A woman from Washington state named Carole King went on a trip to Montana this summer, and brought her seven-year-old border collie named Katie along. Then the dog ESCAPED from her hotel room. She immediately started...
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Lost Ring

Have You Ever Lost Your Wedding Ring?

Have you ever lost your wedding ring? Stylz and Roman's producer Tony did, but he was lucky enough to find it a couple of weeks later. When your ring falls off snorkeling and lands at the bottom of the sea, it's pretty much gone forever. (In most cases, wait till you hear what happened to one lucky...
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Roman's College of Country Knowledge

It's been a long time since Roman lost. But this morning Natalie from Lombard did what very few have, she graduated from Roman's College of Country Knowledge. What question cost him the match? Take a listen and then email Mornings@US99.com to enroll! Today's Questions: 1. This classic country...
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Woman Ran 19 Miles of a Marathon While Carrying a Lost Puppy

A 43-year-old woman in Thailand was seven miles into a marathon last week when she saw the runners in front of her avoiding something in the road . . . which turned out to be a puppy. They were in the middle of nowhere, and there weren't any houses or other dogs around. So she knew the puppy was...
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Lost and Found

What Did You Lose And Find In The Most Random Place?

We often lose stuff and find it in the most random of places. Case in point, Stylz couldn't find one of his dog's toys....that is until he turned on his garbage disposal. How it got there is anybody's guess, because neither he, his wife nor his stepson put it there. He's not the only one either!...
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