Watch This Woman's 'Genius' Trick to Avoid Baggage Fees

A woman went to hilarious lengths to avoid paying extra money for her baggage at the airport. When passenger Gel Rodriguez was informed by airline staff that her suitcase had exceeded the weight limit she decided to avoid the fees by layering up with multiple items of clothing, reported The Daily...
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Thoughtful Graduate

Roman's College of Country Knowledge

If you wanted to kick a guy while he was down, this is the week to do it! Roman lost twice last week! Did Brad have what it takes to give him another loss? These questions were really tough! Email to play! Today's Questions: 1. This singer and her husband Mike just had a baby...
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What Was Your Travel Disaster?

Ever been on a vacation that seemingly falls apart? It happened to Luke Bryan the other day when he was leaving a hotel in Mexico and his luggage spilled out on to the highway because the gate on the van he was riding in wasn't all the way closed! Sometimes it's sunburn, swimming disasters or even...
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Stylz Ended Up Paying Extra Because His Luggage Was Overweight!

This seems to be a trend.
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