Lunchable Brunchables

Lunchables for Breakfast: Brunchables are your New Brunch Treat

If you thought Lunchables was playing one major April Fools' Day joke on you with the announcement of a new brunch staple, Brunchables, you're in for a treat. The iconic brand confirmed that it's expanding its empire and catering to brunch-obsessed millennials with Brunchables. Fans who want to try...
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What Do You Do That You Should've Outgrown?

What do you do that you probably should have outgrown? Stylz brings Uncrustables sandwiches to work with him everyday. Yes, the sandwiches with the crust cut off that are marketed towards kids! But, he's not alone, because these Stylz and Roman also have things they do that they're way too old to...
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