Randy Houser

We Took Randy Houser to Magnolia Bakery to Talk Sweets, Spirits, and Storytelling

Houser shares the inspiration behind 'Magnolia', and what whiskey really does
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Randy Houser Drops New Album, 'Magnolia'

Randy Houser has officially released his fifth studio album, Magnolia, to the world.
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Roman's College of Country Knowledge

Anna from Glenview has some redecorating that she wants to do and the $650 in the rolling jackpot would have really helped. We say WOULD HAVE because Anna only scored one right in today's Roman's College of Country Knowledge! Email [email protected] if you think that your record would be better...
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Randy Houser Delivers New Track, "No Good Place To Cry"

Randy Houser is taking fans down to lower Broadway with a new track and there's "No Good Place to Cry."
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Randy Houser to Release Film Inspired by 'Magnolia' Album

Randy Houser is preparing for the release of his fifth studio album, Magnolia, on January 11.
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Randy Houser Announces New Album, 'Magnolia'

Randy Houser has announced his next album, Magnolia , will be released November 2.
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