What Have You Bought Off Of An Infomercial?

Stylz couldn't sleep last night and found himself watching infomercials late at night. After watching it, they suckered him into buying disc lights for his home. Does he need them? No! But at one in the morning they looked good! Every one has that moment of weakness when they see one of those "AS...
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Guys, What Is The First Thing You Notice On A Woman?

Yesterday, Stylz and Roman talked to women about the first thing they noticed about a guy. Today they flipped the script and asked guys what the first thing they noticed about a female was! While some guys gave the obvious responses you'd expect, there was also some guys who will suprise you! Are...
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Speeding Ticket

What Excuse Did You Use To Get Out Of A Ticket?

Everyone has an excuse they give a police officer when they're pulled over for speeding. Stomach issues? You didn't realize you were going that fast? Stylz and Roman heard stories from both sides, both officers and those that got pulled over. Check out the excuses in the audio below and see if you...
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