Woman Runs Marathon in Her Backyard to Raise Money for COVID-19 Workers

A woman in England found her happy pace as she ran for a good cause. The runner from England ran a marathon in her backyard to raise money for COVID-19 workers.
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Healthcare Worker Creates Own Route and Runs First Marathon After Event Cancelled Due to Coronavirus

Erica Carpenter, a healthcare worker, was disappointed when her first marathon was cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic, but did not let that stop her and instead, created her own route to run the marathon alone.
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Woman Ran 19 Miles of a Marathon While Carrying a Lost Puppy

A 43-year-old woman in Thailand was seven miles into a marathon last week when she saw the runners in front of her avoiding something in the road . . . which turned out to be a puppy. They were in the middle of nowhere, and there weren't any houses or other dogs around. So she knew the puppy was...
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What Did You Take Up To Impress Your Significant Other?

Ever try something that your significant other likes to try and impress them?
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