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McDonald's Donating 1 Million N95 Masks to Illinois Healthcare Workers

McDonald's announced the company will be donating 1 million N95 masks to Illinois healthcare workers and first responders in order to help them in the fight against the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic.
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McDonald's to Close Its Company-Owned Dining Rooms Across Country Amid Coronavirus Outbreak

McDonald’s is closing all of its company-owned dining rooms across the United States, the company announced Monday. See the details of the new measures the chain is taking.
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Now Your Whole House Can Smell Like McDonald's All the Time with Their New Candle!

Now your house can smell like McDonald's all the time! The fast-food chain just announced the launch of their new 6 piece scented candle pack that when burned together will smell like a Quarter Pounder.
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The Shamrock Shake is Back Along With a New Seasonal McFlurry Flavor

It's the greatest time of the year! The famous McDonald's Shamrock Shake is back just in time for the holiday season! AND McDonald's is releasing another seasonal McFlurry flavor.
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Garth Brooks Played His First Show At a Place We Have All Been Many Times

Ahead of the 53rd Annual CMA Awards, Garth Brooks caught up with Jason, Katie, and Erin to talk about his Dive Bar Tour and reminisce on the first gig he ever played.
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Chicago Girl With Down Syndrome Models for American Girl Catalogue

Four-year-old Ivy Kimball is modeling for American Girl, and appeared in the catalog's October edition! Katie has all your local news with 'What's Up Chicago?!'
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McDonald's is bringing back retro Happy Meal toys!

The McDonald's Happy Meal turns 40 this year and they're celebrating by . . . figuring out a way to make adults rush out and buy them. In honor of the anniversary, McDonald's is bringing back RETRO TOYS in their Happy Meals . . . but only from next Thursday through next Sunday. If you buy a Happy...
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Luke Bryan is Helping the Grand Ole Opry 'Flip the Switch' #BrightBytes

Luke Bryan is helping the Opry 'Flip the Switch' on October 22nd and light up pink in honor of breast cancer awareness month. Katie has this and more on Thursday's edition of Bright Bytes.
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The McDonald's McPickle Is Now A Real Thing!

Remember when McDonald's pranked us with the McPickle on April Fool's Day? Fast forward a week and it's a REAL thing (!). This life hack is pretty awesome below, but it got me thinking ... what's YOUR best fast food hack? Share with us here! The McPickle is real! — Matt...
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Dog Has Been Pretending to Be a Stray to Scam Free Food From McDonald's

Dogs may or may not be smart, but when it comes to finding ways to get food, they're GENIUSES. Betsy Reyes from Oklahoma City says she recently figured out that her dog Princess has been sneaking out at night, going to a McDonald's, and pretending to be a stray . . . to scam people into giving her...
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