The 19th Anniversary of 9/11: We Remember. We Never Forget. This Is How We Honored All Those Lost & All The Heroic Actions

The 19th Anniversary of 9/11: Today, We Remember. We Never Forget. This Is How We Honored All Those Lost & The Heroic Actions That Day
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Bombers Evacuated From Air Force Base Ahead of Hurricane Laura

To avoid any possible damage from Hurricane Laura, the Air Force has begun evacuating bombers from Barksdale Air Force Base in Louisiana. Laura is expected to make landfall shortly after midnight.
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Military Son, Surprise, Mother, Police Officer, Ceremony

Military Son Surprises Mom at Police Swearing In Ceremony #GoodVibes

Officer Erika Benning had the most special swearing-in ceremony when her military son who had been stationed overseas for the past two years surprised her with her badge!
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George Kittle, 49ers, Football, Super Bowl

Super Bowl Player Gives Tickets to Family of Fallen Soldier #GoodVibes

The star tight end for the San Francisco 49ers is providing two Super Bowl LIV tickets to the family of a fallen U.S. soldier from Sacramento.
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Kids Leave Messages on Ring Doorbell For Deployed Dad #GoodVibes

The DeCran children, whose father was deployed in Kuwait for most of 2019, came up with a very unique way to talk to him. The siblings began leaving messages on their Ring doorbell.
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All the Restaurants and Stores Offering Deals For Military Personnel on Veteran's Day

In honor of celebrating Veteran's Day on Monday, many different stores and restaurants are offering deals for veterans and active military personnel.
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US*99 Wants You To Thank a Veteran

To celebrate Veteran's Day, US*99 wants to honor all the men and women who have served. Tell us about the veteran in your life who deserves an extra special 'Thank You'.
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Chase Daniel From The Bears Calls Drew To Chat USO Tours & The Bears 100 Celebration!

Chase Daniel from the Chicago Bears (he's our back-up quarterback!) called Drew this week to talk about his recent USO Tour overseas, why the military is so important to his family, what he's looking forward to with the upcoming Bears 100 Celebration in June & much more >>>> Chase...
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Long Distance

What Obstacles Are You Overcoming In Your Relationship?

Sometimes the obstacles in a relationship can be a deal breaker. But, if you really want it to work, you can overcome those obstacles! Case in point is these stories from the Stylz and Roman audience. Long distance relationships. Bad habits. Or stuff that's even worse... Hear them all below!
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Even More Letters

The Letters For Stylz & Roman's 10,000 For The Troops Keep Rolling In!

Stylz and Roman's original goal was to recieve ten thousand letters that they could send out to the troops. Well, they've blown past 10,000 For The Troops by more than double! So far they've recieved over TWENTY TWO THOUSAND letters.....and that number keeps growing and growing! Thank. You. Many of...
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