Roman's College of Country Knowledge

Kristin from Shorewood kept it clean when she told Stylz and Roman that she had a FREAKIN' good time playing Roman's College of Country Knowledge. But, she wasn't able to beat Roman and graduate, so she didn't win the FREAKIN' money in the rolling jackpot. If you know all things country, email...
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What Would You Do If You Found $7.5 Million Dollars?

If you found $7.5 million dollars in a storage unit that you bought, would you give it back? That's what happened to someone who recently bought a storage unit for $500 and found so much more inside! But, the people who used to own that unit want their money back. Is "finders keepers losers weepers...
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What Is Your "Shark Tank" Invention Idea?

Heinz is sampling it's new Mayochup in Chicago on Friday at at 11 AM at 150 S. Wacker Dr. Mayo and ketchup combined in one bottle? That's a pretty cool invention isn't it? But is it as cool as the inventions that these Stylz and Roman listeners came up with?
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