Doggy Dog

Woman Quits Her Job and Spends 57 Days Looking for Her Lost Dog

Everyone loves their pets. But do you love them enough to upend your whole career? A woman from Washington state named Carole King went on a trip to Montana this summer, and brought her seven-year-old border collie named Katie along. Then the dog ESCAPED from her hotel room. She immediately started...
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Toddler Bed

You Tried To Put It Together...But It Was Missing A Piece!

Roman is converting his four year old son Tristan's toddler bed into a big boy bed, but was almost finished before realizing that the pieces don't all match up! Now the entire bed is torn apart and his son has no bed to sleep in! A total #FurnitureFail! What did you put together before realizing a...
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Your Missing Socks Might Be Inside a Hidden Compartment

There's a photo going viral on Twitter that supposedly shows what happened when a landlord removed the bottom panel from one of the washing machines in her building. There's a compartment down there . . . and it's PACKED with socks. Nobody told me the washing machine could eat your socks pic...
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