Mitchell Tenpenny

US*99 is proud to present Chicago’s Country Class of 2019

Brandon Lay, Ryan Hurd, Mitchell Tenpenny and Rachel Wammack will take the stage at the Rosemont Theatre on May 1st and you cannot miss this show! They'll all be on stage at the same time, in a guitar pull setting. They'll tell stories about their songs and careers, and who knows what will happen...
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Mitchell Tenpenny Meet & Greet at US*99's Country Class of 2019

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Your US*99 Country Class of 2019 Playlist!

We've been waiting for what feels like forever, but US*99’s Country Class of 2019 show is finally almost here! Tomorrow night at Rosemont Theatre, Mitchell Tenpenny, Ryan Hurd, Brandon Lay and Rachel Wammack will all be hitting the stage together in an acoustic guitar pull setting! (aka they're all...
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Mitchell Tenpenny's Love for Chicago & Instagram Tips

Talk about your phone blowing up! Mitchell Tenpenny talked with Sylz & Roman about his dream of a #1 single, the first time he heard his songs on the radio, and his love for Chicago. Also the surprise of hearing “Drunk Me” on the voice. Mitchell chatted with US*99 before he took the stage at...
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Grab Your #US99ClassOf2019 Tickets With Drew & Miller Lite Friday Night in Wheeling!

Come out this Friday from 7pm to 9PM with our US*99 Miller Lite Friday Night at Spears in Wheeling. Drew Walker and the US*99 team will be giving you tickets to our #US99ClassOf2019 concert (featuring Mitchell Tenpenny, Ryan Hurd, Brandon Lay & Rachel Wammack)! Stop by and hang with us ...
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Thomas Rhett

Roman's College of Country Knowledge

$2500 bucks could help a lot in a move from the 219 to the 312. Claire from Valpo called in to play Roman's College of Country Knowledge with that thought in mind! Did she win? Did she lose? Email [email protected] to take this test! Today's Questions: 1. US99's Country Class of 2019 features...
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5 Things You Didn't Know About Country Class of 2019 Artist Mitchell Tenpenny

Mitchell Tenpenny is an American country music singer and songwriter from Nashville, Tennessee. Before he hits the stage for our Country Class of 2019 show, we wanted to get to know him a little better! Here are five fun facts about him: 1. His grandmother, Donna Hilley, is a former Sony / ATV...
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Throwback: Mitchell Tenpenny Performs Acoustic Version of "Telling All My Secrets"

Mitchell Tenpenny Mitchell Tenpenny stopped by US99 to hang out and perform an acoustic version of his hit, "Telling All My Secrets." Check it out below! Don't forget to buy your tickets to see him perform at Country Class of 2019 at!
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JR Tristan Wagon

Translating Tristan Might Get You A Little Drunk!

He's not old enough to drink, but Roman's four year old son is old enough to sing....loudly! LOL! He did his own version of Mitchell Tenpenny's "Drunk Me" but was he good enough for a listener to figure out what it was? That's the fun of it though, seeing just who can actually TRANSLATE Tristan!
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