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Roman's College of Country Knowledge

Roman's College of Country Knowledge headed to the South Side today! Lisa from Crestwood battled Roman for the $850 bucks in the rolling jackpot! The only way to win that money is to email to enroll! Today's Questions: 1. These country music singer caused an uproar on...
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So Happy For The Mom of 12 Who Just Graduated College at 89!

It's amazing enough to raise 12 kids in today's world, but to have the ability and drive to still obtain your goals at age 89? Ella, you inspire ALL of us today & beyond ... thank you! Such an inspiring story of #persistence . A mother of 12 children graduated college this year at the age of 89...
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Are You Still Living In Your Parents Basement?

Could you sue your adult child to get them to move out of your basement? That's what a NY couple had to do the other day to get their 30 year old son to move out of their house....and a judge ruled in their favor! That Stylz and Roman wondering....why are you still living at home if you're over 30...
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Mother's Day roses

Best Mother's Day Events across Chicagoland

Specials across the city for your Mom!
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Happy Mother's Day

Fun Mom-tivities for Mother's Day Weekend!

Moms are everyone’s first best friend & with Mother’s Day this weekend, you should take her somewhere new and exciting to thank her for everything she has done/continues to do for you!!! Chicago has a ton of events that will make sure you mom feels extra special this weekend. Plus, if you’re...
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Waffles & flowers

Best Brunches around Chicagoland for Mother's Day

Mimosas & Mom!!!
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Mom and newborn

Woman Gives Birth 30 Minutes After Learning She's Pregnant

Meet Ally Opfer, a 22 year-old cheer coach who found out she was pregnant 30 minutes before giving birth. Crazy, right?? She went to the hospital because she felt like she was having contractions. Her doctors were confused because she didn't look pregnant - turns out it was due to how she was...
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What Is Your Goofy Screen Name or Email Address?

Sometimes what sounds cool when you're young isn't nearly as cool when you get older.
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TOPIC: What Did Your Kid Say That Totally Surprised You?

You never know what kids are going to say, sometimes it's cute, other times it's really embarrassing!
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Stylz & Roman's Soldier Salute: Brian & Aurora Talarico

This morning a proud military Mom called in to talk about her son, but her daughter-in-law as well!
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