Mom Busts Her Kid for Using Alexa to Help with Homework

A mom in Scotland has gone viral with a video of her nine-year-old son using Alexa to help with his math homework. It's actually more like cheating because he tells Alexa the problem, and then writes down her answer. The kid doesn't know his mom is in the room until she calls him out on it. She...
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Taylor Swift Post-Lasik-Surgery Video Is Hilarious!

Taylor Swift caught on video after her Lasik surgery at home, talking about bananas in the most hilarious way!
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Mom Charges $85 for Guests to Attend Son's Birthday Party

One British mom is under fire for charging $85 for guests to attend her son's go-kart party. Not only did she charge guests for attendance, she also demanded that they bring Amazon gift cards as presents. The story was posted on Mumsnet, a parenting forum in the UK, by one of the guests invited to...
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Little Girl's Reaction to Catching Her Parents Kissing is Hilarious

Yeah, you should probably just wait until your kids actually go to bed before you have your own private time or they will never let it go!! Video of No kissing allowed!
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Embarrassed Child

My Parents Really Embarrassed Me When They....

Imagine your Mom walking around your college campus trying to get girls to date her son. Embarrassing right? Well, that actually happened to a student at a Baltimore university. The cops even got involved. While these stories aren't that bad, they sure had these Stylz and Roman listeners turning...
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Spoiler Alert

What Did Someone Ruin For You?

Ever have someone totally ruin something for you? Maybe a TV show? A birthday party? Something else? It's happened to everyone on the Stylz and Roman Morning Show at least once and was even worse for some of the callers to the show! They had to be MAD!
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Chase Rice shooting a bow and arrow

Chase Rice shooting a bow and arrow IN THE HOUSE, for your viewing pleasure

"[Expletive] your mom told you never to do"
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IT'S BACK: Jimmy Kimmel's Annual "I Told My Kids I Ate All Their Halloween Candy" Video

Video of YouTube Challenge - I Told My Kids I Ate All Their Halloween Candy 2018 It's baaaaack! This marks the 8th year of Jimmy Kimmel having mom and dads everywhere trick their little ones into thinking they ate all that hard-earned Halloween candy - and it keeps getting better. These reactions...
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VIDEO: Mom chases down teen son who took her BMW, spanks him with belt

This kid is going to be grounded for all eternity. (WARNING: NSFW language!) My 13 year old brother disconnected the WiFi so my mom wouldn’t be able to see her cameras and took her brand new bmw to his gf’s house ----‍♀️ I shouldn’t be laughing but damn ------ — Lizaconda♛ (@LilaaBites) October 12...
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Crazy College Roomate Stories!

For a lot of people, college is the first time that you room up with someone you've never met. Most times those people are cool, but other times, those people can sometimes be a little off the wall. Stylz and Roman talked to people who ended up with college roommates that ended tossing flour and...
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