Why Does Jason Pullman Owe So Much Money to the State of Illinois?

Jason from the morning show hasn't lived in Illinois that long and did not know how our highway toll system worked.
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How Much Money Was in Jason's Trunk?

The other day Jason found a bag of change in his trunk and asked listeners to guess how much was in it? All proceeds are going to benefit St. Jude.
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Coffee Company Will Pay You $30K To Quit Your Job

SToK Cold Brew is holding a contest where they're going to give three people $30,000 to quit or take a break from their job . . . and follow their dream for a month. If you're interested, you have to tell them in 300 words or less what you'd do with the money. The deadline is Monday and the website...
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Roman's College of Country Knowledge

There's $500 bucks in the rolling jackpot and listener Jennifer from Palatine says she'd like to use that cash to go on a cruise. But before she steps onboard that boat, she'll need to graduate from Roman's College of Country Knowledge to earn it! If country music trivia is your thing, email...
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Sassy Siri Wants A Little Commitment From Stylz and Roman!

Sassy Siri wants a little commitment from Stylz and Roman. She wants them to sign a contract with her and she claims she isn't asking for much. What she considers not much and what everyone else does considers not much seem to be two totally different things. Wait till you hear this laundry list of...
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Would You Sign A PreNup Before Getting Married?

The Amazon CEO (who is worth nearly $138 BILLION dollars) is getting divorced. He's been with his soon to be ex-wife since before he made all his money, so she's going to get half of that! Many times celebs and super rich people sign prenups before getting married, but it wasn't the case with him!...
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Who Should You Tip At Christmas?

Just who are you expected to tip during the holidays? If the research that Stylz and Roman did is correct, it seems like it's just about everyone! So just who do people tip or not tip around Christmas? Stylz and Roman turned to their listeners to find out!
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Big family

Are You From A Big Family?

Eddie Murphy and his girlfriend just had their second child together. But for Murphy, it marks his 10th child overall. His kids age from age 29 all the way down to his new born baby! That's one HUGE family! How do big families work? Stylz and Roman talked to some listeners who were part of families...
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What Would You Do If You Found $7.5 Million Dollars?

If you found $7.5 million dollars in a storage unit that you bought, would you give it back? That's what happened to someone who recently bought a storage unit for $500 and found so much more inside! But, the people who used to own that unit want their money back. Is "finders keepers losers weepers...
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Maren and SNR

Stylz & Roman's :15 Second Frenzy Is Money!

Maren Morris had a HUGE hit with the song "Rich", so that was the inspiration for Stylz and Roman's :15 Second Frenzy! How many different kinds of currency would you be able to name in just :15 seconds? Other than the money we use in the US (and maybe Monopoly Money) that's all Stylz and Roman...
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