Raffle Tickets

Are You Always Selling Something For Your Kid?

Dougie's stepson Nate handed him 25 raffle tickets (which cost $25 bucks each) to sell the other day for his high school football fundraiser. When do they need to be sold by? TODAY! There's always that one person in your office (or maybe it's you!) that's trying to sell something for their kids...
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Cap and Gown

Roman's College of Country Knowledge

Could Roman be back on a winning streak? After suffering two losses in just over a week and a half, Roman now has two wins under his belt! Think you can be the nex person to break Roman's streak? Email ! Today's Questions: 1. Carrie Underwood’s time on this reality TV show...
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Is A Four Day School Week A Good Thing?

A Colorado school district is testing out a four day school week that would give students every Monday off. They claim it would save them millions. But what do the parents do if there child doesn't have school every Monday? Stylz and Roman let Chicagoland parents give their opinions...
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Did You Find Some Unexpected Cash Somewhere

Stylz put on a pair of shorts this morning that he hasn't worn in a while and found $6 bucks in the pocket! It's something we like to call found money! But Stylz $6 dollars pales in comparison to what some of these Stylz and Roman listeners found. One person found TWO THOUSAND DOLLARS in an...
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Chicago River

The Good Deeds That You Did!

Yesterday, Stylz and Roman and the rest of the US99 staff jumped into canoes and helped clean the Chicago River. They hauled away bags and bags of trash! It always feel good to do something good, so Stylz and Roman opened up the phone lines to talk about the good deeds they did! Let's just say,...
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Have Your Ever Had Anything Stolen?

Carley Pearce had her wallet stolen the other day, but thankfully cops were able to get it back for her! Getting something stolen is the worst feeling and it happens more often than you think! Wallets, cars and even yoga pants were just some of the items that Stylz and Roman got calls about!
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Your Travel Horror Story Was...

Stylz was on vacation last week and ran into a guy that didn't get his luggage until the fifth day of his seven day trip! He ended up wearing the only shirt he had day after day! Ugh! Check out the travel woes that these Stylz and Roman listeners experienced!
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Bad Date

Ever Have A Terrible First Date?

Ever have a first date go South? These Stylz and Roman listeners sure did! How about finding out someone was married.....on your first date with them! Or what about you date taking you to Burger King on the first date....and they didn't let you Super Size? LOL! These all happened, as well as much...
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You Went In For One Thing But Came Out With A Bunch...

Sometimes you go into a store for one thing and come out with much more than that! Stylz went into Costco for milk and ended up coming out with over $300 bucks worth of stuff! So what stores did the Stylz and Roman listeners totally overspend at? It looks like Target and Costco were the spots that...
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Do You Give Back Stuff After A Breakup?

Mariah Carey just sold the $10 million dollar engagment ring she got from her ex for just over $2 million bucks. While it's not as expensive for everyday people, everyone has gifts from they've gotten from people who end up being their ex's. So, what do you do with it? Check out what they Stylz and...
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