SCREENSHOTS: The 'Top Gun: Maverick' Trailer Is Flying by the Trailer for 'CATS'

Full-sized felines have been no match for Captain Cruise after one day online. Thursday saw the release of two epic trailers for two very different films. The first being the first look at the long-rumored and finally-realized sequel to 1986’s Top Gun . Tom Cruise reprises his role of Maverick in...
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SEE: Backdraft The Sequel Is Happening!

Remember Backdraft from a few years back? The Chicago firehouse megamovie starring Kurt Russell, Billy Baldwin & Donald Sutherland was one of my all-time favorite Chicago movies ... and now they're filming the sequel! Are you as excited as we are?
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How Much Did Your Child Spend On Apps or Online Purchases?

Roman's goddaughter spent over $200 buying movies using a voice activated remote....and her Mom knew nothing about it! $200 is lot of money, but it's nothing compared to the almost $1300 that one kid spent buying apps on his iPad that was linked to his Mom's credit card! So what's the punishment...
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Disney Bracket

March Madness: Disney Bracket Edition

It's March Madness and everyone has a bracket, but not all of them are basketball related! Brackets featuring Disney movies have gone viral, so Roman had his three year old son Tristan help him fill out his bracket! Who would you have win a Disney themed March Madness bracket?
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What Food Have You Snuck Into A Movie Theater?

Getting food at a movie theater can be really expensive!
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