Vote For Your Favorite Christmas Movie Of All Time

From heartwarming to hilarious, the choices are almost endless
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SCREENSHOTS: 'White Christmas' Returning to Theaters for the Holidays

The classic Bing Crosby holiday film 'White Christmas' is returning to theaters nationwide for two nights only. Find out how you can watch it just like did back in 1954.
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Santa TV

My Favorite Christmas Movie Is.......WHAT?

You'll be hard pressed to turn on the TV and NOT find a Christmas movie on. Christmas Vacation. A Christmas Story. Elf. Everyone has there favorite and can usually qoute a line or two (or even more) from it! Stylz and Roman let their listeners do just that! Take a listen....
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Christmas TV

A Christmas Themed Edition of Stylz & Roman's :15 Second Frenzy!

Do you know your Christmas movies? Stylz and Roman put Kane Brown to the test to see how many he could name....and if it wasn't for the Home Alone movies....he wouldn't have had much to talk about! How many would you be able to name if someone asked you?
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Photos In A Box

If You Had To Evacuate, What Would Be The First Thing You'd Grab?

If you had to evacuate your home immediately, what would be the first thing you would grab? That's a reality for many California residents right now as wildfires are destroying homes and land right now. It's hard to fathom what you would pick, but Stylz and Roman decided to see what their listeners...
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The TV Show or Movie That Always Makes You Cry

Season Three of "This Is Us" kicked off last night and Stylz and Roman have all the highlights. That show is notorious for making people cry.....because the writing is just that good! The guys decided to open the phones to see what TV shows that people watch even though they know that they'll end...
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The Last Time Something Scared You To Death!

This morning the window washers were coming down the side of the US99 building and legit scared Stylz half to death. Have you ever had something like that happen to you? Maybe it was a movie taht made your heart skip a beat. Maybe someone surprised you when you weren't expecting it. It happened to...
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Movie Stuff

Your Most Prized Piece of Memorabilia Is.....

There's a big Hollywood auction coming up that will feature a whole bunch of famous movie props, clothes and more. Hans Solo's jacket? Yep! The hoverboard Marty McFly used in Back To The Future 2? It's up for sale! But none of this stuff is going to be cheap! Some of it is expected to go for...
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WATCH: The Rock Pulls Off The Surprise Of A Lifetime!

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson has been larger-than-life for years, and by his side for the past 17, his stuntman cousin Tanoai Reed. The Rock pulled off this surprise of a lifetime and the reaction says it all >>>> SURPRISE! I love handing over keys---- I love you brother and enjoy your new...
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Say Goodbye To These Netflix Shows In August

Check out what's leaving Netflix in August.
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