Cole and The Guys

Cole Swindell Talks "All of It" With Stylz and Roman

Cole Swindell has a new album out, so you know that he had to check out in with Stylz and Roman. He also has a new tour coming up with Lauren Alaina and Dustin Lynch as well! Cole told Stylz and Roman that he loves playing Chicago, like most artists do, and loved playing his entire album the other...
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The Chicken Fried Edition of Translation Tristan!

Roman's four year old song loves to sing, but what he's singing can be hard to figure out sometimes! Case in point is today's episode of Translating Tristan! He's singing Zac Brown Band's "Chicken Fried" but some of the words aren't exactly right. Did listener Allie figure it out?
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Chris Young Returns To The Stylz and Roman Show!

It wasn't that long ago that Chris Young co-hosted the Morning Show along with Stylz and Roman. He returned to the show today and talked what he loved about Chicago, why Roman cries when he listens to some of Chris' songs and why he's listed as "an American rapper" when you Google him! He also...
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TRo Mic

Translating Tristan: FGL Edition

This may be the most difficult Translating Tristan ever! HINT: It's a Florida Georgia Line song, but Roman's four year old son's version is really hard to figure out! Take a listen and see if you can figure out what FGL song it is!
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TRo Mic

Translating Tristan: Thomas Rhett Edition

Roman's three year old son Tristan loves to sing....but sometimes it's hard to figure out exactly what he's singing! Can you figure out what Thomas Rhett song he's belting out in today's Translating Tristan? It's not as easy as you think!
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Ice Cream

What Makes You Feel Better After A Break Up?

What makes you feel better after a break up or when something bad happens? Some people eat ice cream, others go out drinking. Take a listen to what these Stylz and Roman listeners do to get over a breakup....
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Your Go To Karaoke Song

LANCO posted a video on social media of them sing "Cotton Eyed Joe" in a bar somewhere in southern Indiana the other day. Everyone has that go to song when they're out at a karaoke. Some people are really....others not so much! Stylz and Roman found out what songs people love to sing and then had...
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Russell Dickerson

Roman's College of Country Knowledge

Amy from Cary lost to Roman several months back and had a chance for a rematch in today's College of Country Knowledge. Did she redeem herself or were the results the same this time around? Email to play! Today's Questions: 1. Brett Eldredge filmed the music video for “Wanna Be...
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Garth Brooks

Garth Brooks LIVE With Stylz and Roman

When an artist as huge as Garth Brooks calls you, you're sure to pick up! The self proclaimed "Mr. Yearwood" talked about how excited he is to play at Notre Dame on a yet to be disclosed date! He also talked about if his wife Trisha Yearwood will be on the road with him, the potential for more...
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Translating Tristan Pic

Translating Tristan With Dan and Shay

It may take a shot of tequila or two to figure out this edition of Translating Tristan! Roman's four year old son sings and it's up to a US99 listener to figure out exactly what he's singing! Listener Kelly wasn't able to, would you be able to make out what song he's singing?
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