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Wine Fairies Are the One of the Best Things to Come out of The Pandemic

Don't you wish every neighborhood had 'wine fairies?' It's a group of women who go around and anonymously drop off booze and treats on neighbors' front doorsteps and the whole thing is orchestrated through Facebook.
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#FindingTheGood: Former Bears Sam Acho & Friends Convert Liquor Store To Food Mart

Former Bears linebacker Sam Acho and other sports friends convert a liquor store into a food mart in Chicago's Austin neighborhood
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Woman's Facebook Rant Tells Neighbors to Give Out Better Halloween Candy

To some people, even Halloween candy is a status symbol. A woman in Rancho Cucamonga, California recently posted a rant on a neighborhood Facebook page with a message for her neighbors this Halloween. Quote, "Over the last three Halloweens . . . cheap candy has somehow infiltrated our community and...
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Grandma Attempts To Slow Down Neighborhood Speeders With Hair Dryer

Nope, that's not a radar gun - it's a hair dryer! A grandmother in Montana was worried about fast drivers speeding down a road near where her grandchildren play. To deter the speeders, Patti Forest Baumgartner placed a comfy chair on the side of the road, and with drink in hand, held up a hair...
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