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#FindingTheGood: New Jersey Devils drafted a 13-year-old fan battling cystic fibrosis

#FindingTheGood: New Jersey Devils drafted a 13-year-old fan batting cystic fibrosis
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Chicago is One of Four Finalists to Be NHL Tournament Hub City When Hockey Returns

The hockey season is expected to restart in two weeks and Chicago is one of the four finalists to be considered a “hub city” for the NHL playoffs. The other three finalists are Las Vegas, Edmonton, and Toronto.
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Roman's College of Country Knowledge

So if Dedra from Merrillville was able to beat Roman today, Dougie Stylz said that he'd personally deliver the $1650 to her. But after looking at the results in Roman's College of Country Knowledge today, it doesn't look like he'll need to gas up his Jeep and head over to the 219. Think you can top...
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Luke Combs With Stylz and Roman

Luke Combs talked to his "personal barbers" Stylz and Roman on the show, but asked they don't try and shave his beard again! If you remember, they took a little off the last time they interviewed him! This time though, Stylz and Roman talked Combs string of #1 hits, his new deluxe album release,...
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36-Year-Old Accountant Becomes NHL Legend For Chicago Blackhawks!

Imagine being a goalie in your local intramural league ... and you get the call to suit up for the NHL, in less than an hour?! It happened Thursday night to Scott Foster, who's a 36-year-old Oak Park accountant. He played college in hockey years ago, but lately, has been keeping up in a rec league...
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The NHL Is Going Country For All-Star Weekend!

Anyone up for a road trip this weekend?
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