Real Chicago Bears Fans Wear Pink This Weekend!

Chicago Bears fans wear pink to honor National Breast Cancert Awareness Month ...
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Real Bears Fans Wear Pink #BrightBytes

Chicago Bears unveiled the new design for their 'Real Bears Wear Pink' campaign shirts to help raise money for breast cancer awareness.
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Movies and shows coming to Netflix in October.

Here's What's Coming to Netflix in October

Titles like 'Anger Management,' 'Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves,' 'Billy Madison,' and 'Black Dynamite.'
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Who In Kelly Clarkson's Family Has A Crush On Chris Martin From Coldplay?

Guess listener Paige won't be having as good a Christmas as she orginally planned... She told Stylz and Roman that she planned to use the winnings in the rolling jackpot to buy her son some extra Christmas presents. Roman, though, ended up being Scrooge because he beat her in Roman's College of...
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Shows leaving Netflix in October.

Here's What's Leaving Netflix in October

With the arrival of great titles like Anger Management, Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves, Billy Madison, and Black Dynamite, some great titles also must depart.
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