The SNL Macy's Kids Clothing Commercial Is Hysterical!

The SNL Macy's holiday commercial is so funny because it's so TRUE ...
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Parenting Burns More Calories Than Doing Burpees

According to a new study, the general duties associated with parenting burn up to 1500 calories a day. Just to put that into perspective that equates to 43,000 burpees a month!
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Luke Combs

Roman's College of Country Knowledge

Kim from Michigan City says that if she were to win the $2200 in the rolling jackpot, she'd spend it on bills. Stylz and Roman though, think it'd be better to spend that cash on a vacation or a down payment on a car. So how do you win the money in Roman's College of Country Knowledge? Email...
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Judge Judy Has a Message for Fathers of Girls Everywhere

“Every successful woman I know had a father who adored her," the TV judge recently said.
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LIST: This Year's Most Popular Baby Names

The Social Security Administration just released the list of the top baby names today. On the girl's list, for the second year in a row the top name was Emma. On the boy's list, a new name took over the top spot as Liam was number one. The Social Security Administration compiled the list based on...
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