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To Give You a Little Break From the Stress of A New School Year, Travis Denning Reads From His Favorite Children's Book

School has started and whether you are in person or remote learning, there are a lot of new stressors and challenges parents, teachers, and students have to tackle such as technical issues or new safety guidelines. To give you a moment to relax, Travis Denning sat down with us to read a bit from...
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Mom Goes Viral for DIY Remote Learning Work Station for Kids

A mother in Kentucky came up with a creative solution to keep her children focused as they begin remote learning during the COVID-19 pandemic.
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Shark Boy and Lava Girl are Back as Parents in New Netflix Movie

Yes, your favorite childhood superheroes from the 2005 movie, Shark Boy and Lava Girl, are now parents to a young daughter who is struggling to use both her superhero shark and lava powers she inherited from her parents.
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#FindingTheGood: This Couple Creates Custom Obstacle Courses In Your Backyard

New York couple creates custom obstacle courses for your backyard and we are here for all of it!
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Microschooling: What You Need to Know About the New Homeschool Trend

Microschooling is a growing trend in homeschooling during the coronavirus pandemic. Learn more about the practice that allows families to educate their children from home while splitting the responsibilities with other parents.
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#FindingTheGood: Dad Builds A Backyard Mini Coffee House From The Ground Up!

Dad builds a backyard mini coffee shop from scratch and it's amazing!
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What Parents Need to Know About Kids Going Back to School Amid the Coronavirus Pandemic

Sending all children back to school can be nerve-wracking due to the coronavirus pandemic. Here is what parents need to school when their child’s school reopens.
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This 5yr old draws his mom, and her quarantine leg hair

Mom mortified after daughter’s drawing of her goes ‘into a bit too much detail’
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Disney Bedtime Hotline Is Back To Help Your Kids Fall Asleep

It's back! For the second year in a row, the Disney's Bedtime Hotline will be back and kids can hear up to six special goodnight messages. The hotline returns with new characters. In addition to Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Daisy and Goofy, callers can also get messages from Woody, Jasmine, and Elsa and...
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Luke Combs and fiancee Nicole are officially "puppy parents"!

They announced their engagement five months ago and now Luke Combs and his finacee Nicole have made the first addition to their family - JoJo the pup! WELCOME TO THE FAMILY, JOJO ----MY HEART IS SO FULL!!! (swipe for the cutest photo you’ll ever see of Luke going to pick him up) A post shared by...
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