Parents and Kids

I Can't Believe My Significant Other Lets Our Kids Do This!

Sometimes one parent lets their child get away with something that the other parent totally wouldn't approve of. Ice cream for dinner or maybe a show that they wouldn't normally be allowed to watch. That's what happened in the Stylz household the other day. Dougie was totally cool with his stepson...
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When Was The Inopportune Time Your Child Had To Go To The Bathroom?

Having kids can be great, but sometimes it's can be not so fun. Case in point, Roman took his son on Disney on Ice over the weekend and his son kept telling him he didn't need to use the bathroom......until after the show started. Sometimes, young kids can pick the worst time to have to use the...
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Kids Being Annoying

I Really Love My Child But They Really Annoy Me When They....

Roman's four year old son Tristan has taken to repeating everything his Dad says. EVERY. SINGLE. THING. Even though we all love are kids, they can sometimes do things that are really annoying! Stylz and Roman talked to parents about what their child does that drives them nuts....and even talked to...
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Screen Time

Do You Limit Your Children's Screen Time?

How much time do your children spend using electronics, be it tablets, TV, game systems or something else? Stylz and Roman both shared how long their children spend playing video games and such....and then opened the phones to see how parents dealt with their kids on this issue. Some kids really...
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Do You Have Trouble Helping Your Kids With Their Homework?

Stylz has been real trouble helping his stepson Nate do his homework. He's not alone either! While Nate is a junior in high school, Stylz and Roman talked to Moms and Dads that have trouble helping with homework.....and their children are still in elementary school!
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Parent Teachers

Crazy Parent-Teacher Interactions!

Teachers, ever have a parent that's really hard to deal with? On the flipside, parents have you ever had to deal with one of your child's teachers that's just a little too much? Stylz and Roman talked to both parents and teachers about the crazy interactions they've had!
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What Lie Did You Get Away With?

So former White Sox Todd Frazier made an amazing catch the other day. Video of Toddfather spills into the stands after superb catch But it turns out that he lied to the umpire and didn't actually make the catch! He got away with a lie......and so did these Stylz and Roman listeners!
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Helicopter Parent

Are You A Helicopter Mom?

Is Roman's sister a helicopter mom? She dropped her daughter off for full day kindergarten the other day and then parked in a nearby parking lot so she could watch her play later on the day during recess. What did you to watch over your kids when they went away to elementary school.....or even as...
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TRo Mic

"Take Your Time" With This Translating Tristan

Would Sam Hunt be able to figure out what Sam Hunt song that Roman's 4 year old song Tristan is singing? Take a listen and figure and see if you can figure out what song it is!
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Sugarland SNR

Sugarland BACKSTAGE With Stylz and Roman

Sugarland was at Ravinia last night and spoke to Stylz and Roman on just about every topic imaginable! Video of Sugarland Backstage With Stylz and Roman But what Jennifer Nettles and Kristian Bush were most excited about was that Ravinia is in the same neighborhood as the 'Home Alone" house! Could...
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