Fathers Day

What Moment Were You Most Proud of Your Dad For?

Don't forget that this Sunday is Father's Day! In honor of that, Stylz and Roman opened up the phones to allow people to brag about what they're most proudof their Dad's for! They heard about camping trips, volleyball games, movie nights and more!
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Fathers Day

Is There Something Goofy Your Dad Did Growing Up?

Sunday is Father's Day, which often brings back memories of the things Dad did for us growing up. Sometimes those memories are a little funny....sometimes a little goofy....and sometimes even a little inappropriate! But they're the reason we love our it's all good! Check out what funny...
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Stylz and Roman's :15 Second Frenzy

Dylan Scott just welcomed a new baby named Beckett last December, so he knows a little something about baby items. Diaper rash cream, lotion, combs, brushes and more. Dylan faced off with listener Ashley to see who could come up with more baby related items in 15 seconds! It's Stylz and Roman's 15...
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What Are You Doing With Your Kids This Summer?

Now that it's officially summer, what are you doing with your kids now that they're out of school? Summer Camp? Vacations? Fishing? Stylz and Roman talked to a whole bunch of parents....including one Mom that's renting a 52 foot houseboat to take her kids on! Do you think she'll adopt us?
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Translating Tristan: What Song Is He Singing?

Sometimes it's hard to figure out what a four year old is saying! Stylz and Roman had Roman's son Tristan sing a hit US99 song to see if any listeners could figure out what he was singing! After that, they took calls from parents whose kids sang some less than appropriate lyrics? Is it OK for a two...
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Wrigley Field

What Is The Goofiest Thing You've Ever Done?

Did you see the fan that ran onto Wrigley Field yesterday. Security ended up tackling him and even worse, he's going to be charged with a felony! Sometimes, we have lapse in judgement and do some pretty stupid things! Stylz and Roman talked to listeners that did everything from stealing their...
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What Were You Dragged To?

Roman was dragged to his neice's dance recital over the weekend. While he was happy to see her perform, it was the 18 other performance that he wasn't so excited for. Often as parents, we have to go to something we don't want to, but have to because it's our kids. Check out the band recitals,...
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In Laws

Why Do You Not Get Along With The Your In-Laws?

Stylz in-laws are staying at his house for the next six weeks. He actually enjoys them being there (especially the cooking his wife's mother does) but that isn't always the case. Stylz and Roman talked to listeners that don't get along with their in-laws, including one woman that got into a fist...
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Parents, What Did Your Kids Break?

Roman's son Tristan broke one of his toys the other day, but blamed it on his imaginary friend that he called "Breaky." Children have a thing for breaking things and sometimes it can be REALLY REALLY expensive! Stylz and Roman talked to parents whose children broke everything from 60 inch TVs to a...
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Report Card

Is There Anything You Hid From Your Parents Growing Up?

Stylz's stepson has been checking the mail a bunch lately. Why? Well, Stylz thinks that he's trying to grab his report card before Stylz and his wife see it! But, let's be honest, we all hid things things from our parents growing up. For some it was smoking....others drinking....Stylz and Roman...
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