Kids Playing

Can Opposite Sex Parents Have Playdates With Their Kids?

So our boss Kenny's wife was invited to have a playdate with a single dad, but Kenny feels weird about. The thing is, the guy wants to have the kid's playdate AT HIS HOME! Is he justified in feeing weird? Roman's a single dad, so he's the opposite perspective on the subject!
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Wrigley Snow

Has This Weather Screwed Up All Your Kid's Sports?

This weather has been unseasonably cold and it's really screwing up all kinds of high school sports. The snow, rain and all around cold weather has caused all kinds of cancellations of not just games, practices and road trips as well! Check out what these parents had to say about how this weather...
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What Did Your Child Stick Up Their Nose?

Growing up, Stylz used to stick magnets up his nose, but even Dougie not sure why! This isn't exclusive to just Stylz, it happens a lot! Check out what these listeners had to pull out of their son or daughter's noses!
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What Kids Say

What Did Your Kid Do or Say That Totally Embarrassed You?

Kids have no filter sometimes! They often say and do things in public that can be totally are totally inappropriate! Stylz and Roman talked to parents this morning who had their children say the completely wrong thing at the completely wrong time!
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How Much Do Your Kids Get For Allowance?

Producer Tony's 8 year old twins want an allowance, but he's not sure what he should give them. The kids have their idea, but what is the going rate for allowances? The Stylz and Roman listeners chimed in to tell how much they give their kids....and what they have to do to get it.
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What Do Your Parents Let Their Grandkids Get Away With?

Sometimes grandparents let grandkids get away with things that they'd never let their actual kids do! Roman called his Mom this morning to joke around with her about letting his son Tristan have donuts, which meant he was too hyper to lay down for a nap later! Roman's not alone though! Check out...
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Where Do You Go To Hide When Life Gets Too Crazy?

Sometimes life can get crazy and you just need to get away! Maybe it's hiding out in the bathroom or sneaking out to the garage to get some peace and quiet! Check out where these Stylz and Roman sneak away to when they're life gets a little too busy!
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Kids Freaking Out

What Did Your Child Freak Out Over?

Roman totally expected his son Tristan to freak out when he took him to the dentist the other day, but the exact opposite happened! He handled it like a total pro! But for most parents, that's not the case! Check out the freakouts that these parents told Stylz and Roman that they had to deal with!
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Newborn Baby

Was Your Child A Little Less Than Cute At Birth?

A new survey claims that many parents don't think that a newborn baby is cute until they're a couple of months old. Roman admitted that his son looked like an alien right after he was born, but has turned into a pretty cute kid now. Were any other parents willing to admit that maybe their child...
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Parent Teacher Conference

What Did You Find Out At Parent Teacher Conferences?

Roman's attended his first Parent Teacher Conference at his son Tristan's preschool the other day. He got good news from his son's teachers.......but that's not always the case! Check out what these parents told Stylz and Roman they learned after meeting with their child's teachers!
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